Sunday, May 4, 2014

The name...

A confession: I have often resisted technology.

I refused to use a cell phone for many years; I disdained Power Point; I only recently began using an e-reader.

This ends up sounding prideful, but I am not proud of this resistance of mine.  I am working on it...

Does it come from the stubborn (I mean, strong-willed) part of my personality or is it driven by a kind of fear or nostalgia? Who can say? I am guessing Mr. Fritch would guess the former...

My hope is for my students to keep their own blogs next year, so I am setting this one up so I can practice. Wish me luck.


  1. Hiya Mrs. Fritch. I've been messing around with the computer trying to find my homie in N. Korea with all those nukes :) It don't come cheap no more. Anyway, I like the colors of your blog!
    -Junu Lee

  2. Yeah, I tried at least 17 different color schemes.

    You should get a hold of Dennis Rodman; he can help you out with NK...

  3. It looks like abstract art has finally established a good relationship with technology.

  4. Ostrich--I worried that it looked a little too much like technicolor blood splatter, but it was the best option.