Monday, June 2, 2014

Blatterings--Writer's NB


I do not like this time of year at school.  Not for the obvious reasons, but because I hate the good-byes I know are coming.  I start to feel nostalgic for the loss of the community that has developed in each class period and our comfort with each other.  

This sometimes prompts small emotional displays, like when I patted two boys on the back the other day and told them, "You're such good boys."  I think they thought I was temporarily deranged, but really it's a little pre-goodbye goodbye. 

About feature articles 

Since I have been reading and teaching about feature articles in 1st and 3rd period, my mind seems to be in this unsolicited retrieval mode that constantly burps up ideas for me.  Some ideas I have had lately for my own feature article (as well as what inspired the ideas):

1.  Article about dog park etiquette.  Inspired by a conversation I had with someone who mentioned taking food to a dog park.  Which made me think about all the other dumb things people do favorite being parents who are inattentive and let their kids drink out of the DOGGY water fountain.

2.  Article about burial customs.  Inspired by conversation with Mrs. B about her grandma's Chinese funeral and all the prep that led up to it (i.e. paper folding, finding a pearl for her mouth,etc.).  Also, I have always wanted to incorporate the story of "Gravedigger," a beagle Dale and I saw trotting away from a cemetery with a HUMAN femur in his mouth...

3.  Article about native landscaping.  The neighbor who waters every day has started up again.  He would not have to do that if all the stuff he planted were actually adapted to this area....

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