Monday, June 2, 2014

Summer Plans

1.  Read so many hours each day that I develop a chronic pinchy headache between my eyes.
2.  Visit my mother and father and brother and his family in Houston. 
3.  Wear sundresses with no shoes.
4.  Plan for next school year. 
5.  Escape the tyranny of three dogs and the summer heat with a short trip (Colorado? Kentucky?).  Still thinking. 
6.  Write.  Just because.
7.  House projects!  I, of course, am hopeless with a hammer and such, but can help Mr. F with some of the easy stuff. 
8.  Volunteer at Austin Dog Alliance camps with Iggy.
9.  Lunch dates with girlfriends.
10.  Daily naps.
11.  Harvest and eat my warm weather crops.  Cook a lot.  

Ahhhhhhhhhh....can't wait.  Four more days of work...

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