Friday, July 25, 2014


Ok, so I know I vowed to write an entry every week over the summer, but as you can see, I have been remiss.

I have not been lazing about, unless you call reading marathons lazing.  And I often have an idea and think, "Self, you should write a blog entry about that."  But then I convince myself I really do need to read instead. Or nap.  Or finish that craft project.  Or browse my favorite news sites.  You get the idea.

In my defense, I have been somewhat productive.  House projects. Volunteering with Iggy. Cooking. School planning (I always love planning for a new year).  Babysitting...

My sister-in-law asked us to watch my niece and nephew while she and my brother headed for their three night trip to Seattle.  I think most people were puzzled by her choice, as we are not parents, but I am happy to say we muddled through with only two teary sessions and zero tantrums.

E. and H. are four and two respectively.  What sticks with me most from my extended time with them is the natural curiosity of kids this age. Where does this go?  Do people just stop wondering things?  I have not, but it seems that becomes deadened after a while.  Boo.

Anyway, I told my mother about the MANY questions each day, and she assured me that they had nothing on me, as no one could possibly ever ask as many questions as I used to.  This questioning is what led to my family nickname, "Jabber Jaws."  Flattering, huh?  I remember my mother becoming so frustrated by my ceaseless babbling that she ended up driving our car onto the median.

The name no longs suits, as I am basically an introvert, but the curiosity never left.  Curious about introversion? Here's a link you can use to explore.

On a side note, one of my favorite moments of babysitting is when we were in H.E.B. and H. shouted out in the sweetest little voice, "I HAVE A BIG BOOGER IN MY NOSE."  Such zest for the smallest things.

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