Sunday, August 31, 2014

Oh, Barney

I sit in my usual spot, lamp on, Iggy snoring, Barney pressed up a against me.  Like a barnacle, which is one of his nicknames.  He has many, probably because he has many stories...

For instance, he's the only Fritch who has ever peed on someone on purpose.  He's the only Fritch who's been to the emergency center multiple times.  He's the only Fritch bold enough to fight sprinklers, trains, dragonflies, and thunder.  

Barney is fourteen and kind of particular, but he's always been this way.  When we adopted him when he was four, the shelter told us he'd been bullied by other dogs.  The family joke now is more like, "Yeah, bullied by a rhino."  He rules our other two dogs, though he's the smallest and oldest and probably weakest.  But he does not recognize that. He's forever bold, confident, and assertive.  (Yes, I admire him.)

I just noticed how I used words with positive connotations to describe him, instead of saying pushy, bossy, or stubborn (all true).  That's probably because Barney and I have a deep understanding of each other.  He's very devoted and it's mutual.  He sleeps by my side every night and has since we got him.  He's always looking for me.  I know that's probably not completely healthy, but at the same time, there's part of me that loves the adoration. And a part of me that thinks he and I are flip sides of the same coin.

For an alternate perspective from someone who does not share my soft focus view of Barney, I chatted with Mr. F.  He corrected a few of my sentiments, reminding me that Barney has also required others (namely Mr. F) to receive emergency care.  Also, Barney (AKA Darth Barney) is inflexible, does not listen, often has his own agenda, and stomps around the house like a jack-booted thug.

Well, yes.  But isn't he charming nonetheless? Ha ha.

 I mean, really--what is love?  Is it not seeing someone at their worst and still finding that spark that appeals to you?  Is it not devotion to someone regardless of whether their behavior merits that devotion?  I am sure Barney would agree with me...

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  1. After I read this aloud in some of my classes, I realized how totally demented I sound.