Sunday, September 28, 2014

Grubby Hands

Ahhhhhhhh....nothing (well, nothing besides reading and writing) can clear my mind and provide a sense of complete contentment like digging in my garden.

I love the the sensual aspects of it, like the grit in my molars (yes, really); the bird calls (today, mostly blue jays--how charming that such a stylish bird has such a piercing call); my gloves clinging to my fingers; all the herbal smells (woodsy, like rosemary; honey, like kidney wood; sage, like the salvia); the fuzzy bumble bees hunting.

The photos I have included in the post are of my liveliest guys at this time of year.  And they are not just pretty faces.  All of them are native to our area, so they are drought-resistant and attractive to birds and bees and other critters.
Salvia "Hot Lips"
Florida Museum of Natural History

Pineapple Sage


  1. I really like your picture, and the template is very unique and looks very nice.

  2. Do you grow all of these? They are really pretty!!! Did you take the pictures or find them online?

  3. I do grow them all. I love gardening! It's like a form of everyday magic to me. I do not have the patience to be a good photographer, so I pulled the photos from online.

  4. I love it when people take the time to garden! It's like a contribution to the neighborhood, and carefully tended gardens look a lot better than overgrown yards.
    The rock roses are my favorite. We grow them in our backyard, and I love how they open and close. Which one is your's?