Tuesday, January 6, 2015


Listening to the radio the other day, I heard a story about the power of gratitude.  The act of recalling your blessings and expressing gratitude for them (in writing, to a particular person) can increase your feelings of well-being and, somewhat obviously, strengthen your bonds with others.  I realize this sounds a little more airy-fairy than what my readers are probably used to hearing from me.  No, my mind has not been colonized by Oprah or some other self-helper.  This just made sense to me.  And leads me to another top 10 post. 

Thankful in 10

1.  My parents got me hooked on volunteer work from an early age
2.  Books (the chance to read every day and that my grandmother and aunt always made sure I had them when I was a kid).
3.  Ability to express myself in writing and art and dance (you don't want to see that). 
4.  Dogs!
5.  A job I enjoy and respect that is never boring and that challenges me
6.  Right to vote and to express my opinions politically
7.  Plenty of food and the chance to grow some of it for myself
8.  House that is cozy and just right for two humans and three dogs
9.  A husband who has put up with me for twenty years and is still my best friend and favorite person, plus the funniest person I know
10. Parents who are still in relatively good health who love me beyond all reason

Overview of some of the science behind gratitude.

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