Tuesday, January 6, 2015


I am not making any resolutions.  Seriously?  It's always the same one for me anyway--get fit.  And it never happens because I am lazy.  I wish I had my father's discipline when it comes to exercise (he is 65 and starts his morning with 1,000 sit-ups, then is climbing up and down rigs and ships all day).  Side note:  over Christmas break, he shared a story about being the only dude in a room (full of much younger guys) who could do this insanely challenging extended arm push-up.  So, yes, he's kind of a show-off and at least I did not inherit that.

My goal is a humble one.  I want to make more than I consume.  I initially thought "try to make something every day," but that's probably unrealistic, even though my definition of "making" is going to be broad.  So far, in the new year, the things I have made are: a blog post, a kale and artichoke gratin, a mixed media photo collage, and a butterfly garden plan. Side note: did you know that the preferred food for some butterflies is manure?  True. They also like carrion and rotting fruit.

10 Things I Want to Make This Year

1.  a short story (or two)
2.  a backyard bird guide book for E. with illustrations and tips about certain kinds of birds
3.  a terrarium (with sand and succulents)
4.  a sketch for our side yard layout/plans for pergola
5.  a mason bee house
6.  an outline of my book idea (about the captivity)
7.  a pie entirely from scratch
8.  a book (I want to sew the cover, choose the pages, etc) for journaling
9.  a butterfly puddling area
10. potato cage (I want to grow enough of our own potatoes to survive any zombie apocalypses)

Ought to keep me busy.  

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