Friday, January 16, 2015

Simple Pleasures

I often joke that I could be quite happy living in a tree house or cave somewhere (as long as I had access to books, of course.  And Mr. F.  And my dogs.). 

It's partly because, strangely enough considering my profession, I don't really see myself as a people person.   

And partly because I am easily amused and pleased.  These are some of the (mostly free)
simple pleasures in my life.

1.  Crushing acorns beneath my feet (herald of autumn)

2.  Re-reading a favorite book

3.  Relaxing and listening to a new album

4.  Dog warm spots on bed

5.  Opening a new package of pens

6.  Baking something from scratch (like scones or apple gingerbread cake), which I do rarely

7.  Saturday morning tacos

8. That feeling when everyone in class is concentrating on writing and all you hear is the gentle striking of the computer keys

9.  Making a class (or at least most of a class) laugh

10. Weeding

11.  Puns (I completely disagree with those who argue that puns are the lowest form of humor).  

12.  The return of the cedar waxwings in mid-January each year

1 comment:

  1. The first pleasure you said reminded of when my mom and I, when I was little. We used to love to do this together.