Wednesday, June 25, 2014

So now you have a blog....

As I mentioned earlier, I plan to have students create blogs for the upcoming year and am using the summer to figure it all out.  

I am committed to posting at least once per week, if not more, but find myself held back (and here I find myself distracted...oh, yeah, I should definitely spend some time looking for that one comic of a guy sitting in his chair, with the words, "He wanted to write, but something held him back--and he's tied to a chair).  

And then I thought to write "Har har" but realized I had written that already in a post and so dropped that.  I do that a lot.  Have a thought. Hate it. Abandon it.  

What I really keep coming back to is audience.  My primary audience will be students. And I want to be insightful and funny and creative, of course.  So, that's a pressure every writer knows well.  But on top of that, since I am The Teacher, I feel like it should all be polished to perfection.  

Folks, it's just not going to happen. I am a practicing writer, which is the way I want us all to see each other. And practicing writers have to take risks and make mistakes.  End of sermon. 

Anywho, I have also been thinking a lot about my subjects.  In looking through past writer's notebooks, certain ideas/topics come up again and again, such as: 

1.  Books/book thoughts
2.  Musings about things I don't understand/that enrage me
3.  Teaching (high points and low ones, too)
4.  Family--memories, questions, funny things someone says
5. DOGS (this should probably be number one); I am a rabid animal lover...har har.
6. Current events
7. Stabs at writing poetry/short stories
8.  Anything I don't want to forget
9.  Nature. Birds. Gardening.  
10.  Hopes and dreams
11.  Humans in general (weird stuff I overhear; wondering why certain people act the way they do; what's it all mean?)

Signing out now; otherwise I see rambling...

Now feast your eyes on Fritch dog #3, Humphrey.  More about him later.  But where to start?  Probably the time he farted and scared himself to death...
Cream Puff

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