Monday, October 13, 2014

My Life of Crime

Here's the horse I plan to steal from the Texas State Fair.  It's gonna be risky, as Gus is surrounded by armed police officers, but he's clearly communing with me about his need for escape and kind-hearted companionship.  

Gus, I am coming for you.  Your police horse days will be over soon.


  1. You need to form a team and make this an Ocean's 11 style heist film.

  2. Yes!! James, you can be in charge of rounding up our team.

  3. ....First you need to delete this post so the crime is in no way linked to you. Then you can assemble your team through a third party (James), and finally everything needs to be planned (you might want to do this before the team arrangement, so you know what you need), then you will want to arrange payment of team, and item acquirement (if applicable), if you want to carry it out like a heist help from an expert would be a good idea (these people are tricky so be careful), and then finally you have to create a situation (which should already be planned).
    Before you do all this you want it to be arranged that a partial (to you) jury and judge be appointed for you trial if anything goes wrong. You may also want to hire or look up good lawyers (if the above is hard, and even if it is one can never be too sure.)
    You will also want (fake) registration papers for your 'new' horse.
    *I take no legal responsibility for whatever might happen.